Screen Shots

These are screen shots of the SWT controlexample application running in client/server mode using RSWT on Windows 2000 Professional. This sample application is distributed with Eclipse and can be found in the org.eclipse.swt.examples_2.1.0 plugin. This application contains simple demonstrations of all the standard controls in the SWT API.

These screen shots aren't really very interesting except for the fact that they look exactly the same as the sample application when using the native SWT library on Windows 2000. That's because the client-side of the application does in fact use the native SWT library while the server-side of the applications uses RSWT.


This screenshot shows a demo of the CoolBar. Those toolbars on the left can be dragged and dropped within the coolbar area and/or resized.


This screenshot shows a demo of the ProgressBar. Progress bars are incredibly hard to implement in a 'traditional' web application but RSWT makes them easy!


SWT/RSWT can display dialogs. SWT also has several convenience dialog classes, including Color, Font, File, Directory, Print, and Message dialogs. The shots above are the print dialog and a message dialog.